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Primetime was established in 2007 and along the way we are establishing great relationships with clients and contractors whom all speak highly of Primetime. We have worked hard to have a reputation of being a hard working electrical company with high expectations of ourselves and our quality of work. Over the years we are proud of each and every completed project we have been a part of and strive to be a leader in the electrical industry in Edmonton and greater Alberta.

Rene Vani, is the Founder and general manager or Primetime Electric. He has been an electrician for 17 years and is both a Master Electrician and Interprovincial Certified. His Roots are deep in the community and his work ethic and loyalty are second to none. Rene was raised in the construction industry, and has a passion for all forms of construction. He is blue collar through and through and finds fulfillment when he has an opportunity to get his hands on his tools. Rene has built Primetime from the ground up, and considers all of his employees family. Primetime is not only a source of income for Mr. Vani but his hobby, his passion, his legacy, and Primetime is ever growing with no limits to what we can achieve.

Why Choose Us

Experience is among the pillars of our success, and it is also the basis for our confidence to be able to meet all our customers’ needs on-time and within budget.

What We do

Primetime Electric delivers innovative, quality, and professional electrical services while meeting or exceeding safety standards and code regulations.

Our Approach

We develop our projects in order to enable our customers to use electricity in the most efficient manner, economically and safely, in conformity with modern practices.

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